Douglas Danks


Corliss Residence - Construction Begins 2009
Lutsen, MN

The vacation home is located along the North Shore of Lake Superior midway between the lake and Lutsen Ski Resort in Lutsen, Minnesota.  The heavily forested site is uniquely situated to provide spectacular views of Lake Superior to the southeast and Moose Mountain at Lutsen Ski Resort to the northwest.  The residence is designed to take advantage of the panoramic views.  The massing of the structure is long and narrow with the long faces oriented toward the views of Lake Superior and Moose Mountain, making it possible to view both the lake and Moose Mountain from all major living spaces.  The space planning for the residence is also designed to take advantage of the views.  The residence is designed upside down from conventional space planning, with the Living Area, Kitchen, Dining Area and Porch/Deck located on the upper floor level.  The mid floor level contains Bedrooms, Bathroom, a Recreation Area and a Roof Deck.  The lower floor level contains a Granny Flat residential unit, garages and support spaces.